Hey, I am Sven

Interaction and User Experience Designer based in Darmstadt, Bremen, Marburg, Germany, with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in user centered researching, conceptualising, designing and prototyping of interactive systems.


Driven by the passion of finding new ways to improve life of others with the help of modern technology I am hugely interested in all kinds of interfaces and ways to interact with media systems. This led me to study Interactive Media Design in Darmstadt, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree with an GPA of 1.2 🎉. I already worked for several companies like Deutsche Telekom and Merck leading to three years of experience in the field. Since March 2017 I am busy developing sustainable and user-friendly enterprise solutions at CONTACT Sotware.

  • understand

    Understanding demands for research. Before I start a project, I have to understand the topic, the industry and the overall problem. The most effective way is to talk to the users of the system, to observe them and to collect important information for the design process.

  • define

    After identifying possible touch points and troubles people have with a system, hands-on designing can actually begin. Initial ideas are outlined and brought into a suitable form like wireframes or storyboards.

  • design

    If the concept is perceived as possible solution, I begin to shape and craft interactions and interfaces. I mainly use Sketch or Photoshop for bringing scribbles and wireframes into life, making them ready for the next step: prototyping.

  • prototype

    Prototypes are essential for the design process as they give a realistic feel of the final product. They make a concept alive and seizable. Regardless of the fidelity, prototypes enable us to perform product tests with actual users in order to validate the underlying idea.

  • test

    To find out whether the concept is viable and works as envisioned, the prototype can be tested in various usability tests so that learnings and insights can immediately enrich the next iteration.


Aside from regular work I try to constantly learn new things. This is my playground, where I show some of those experiments.


Since the end of year 2016 I am hosting a podcast with some friends of mine. Designhungry is a podcast about future design challenges, emerging technologies and everyday problems of young designers (beware: it's german).